COMING MAY 2022 - 'That Feel Good' by Jase Lansky will soon be available on all streaming platforms and via AMRAP for radio stations and podcasts.

Jase Lansky is an Australian country artist, writer and performer based in Queensland, Australia. His music is country-rock based and is heavily influenced by the modern American country music scene.

As a song writer he has won numerous awards since his inception into the country music world in 2016, and as a performer he has played from Nashville to Hobart and just about everywhere in between.

Jase's debut album Rip It Up! was released in February 2017 and continues to receive plenty of airplay around the country and overseas. The first single released from the album, also titled Rip It Up had chart success, reaching a staggering Number 5 on the Mainstream International Country Music Charts, Top 30 in the Australian Country Tracks Charts, and Number 7 in the Tasmanian Country Music Charts. Four other tracks from the same album all reached Top 10 status.

'Hella Good Time', the first single from the soon to be released EP hit Number 1 on various charts throughout the country.

His music has seen him nominated as an Independent Country Artist in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021, performed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards, the Brisbane Country Music Race Day, Ballina Country Music Festival, Groundwater and a load of other festivals and events around the country.


Having won various accolades for his album Rip it up!, Jase was also a finalist in the 2018 Gold Coast Music Awards for "Album of The Year" and "Peoples Choice". He won the 2018 "Emerging Artist of The Year" as well as the 2018 "Industry Impact Award", "Independent Contemporary Male Country Artist" along with "Best Male Album" for Rip it up!

Come 2022 and we'll see the completion of his long awaited EP 'Hella Good Time', which includes the chart topping single 'Hella Good Time', 'Don't Go', and the soon to be released single 'That Feel Good'. 

So jump on board, stay in touch, and keep track of Jase Lansky. And don't forget... always love ya country :) 

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